Is doubting God disobedient?

A conversation with a friend left me wondering: when we have doubts are we then doubting God?

“I not only believe in God, but I also BELIEVE God,” the voice on the phone says with conviction, her words were powerful, and her pain was real. She was essentially saying that it’s one thing to read the Word, but it’s another to live it, to apply it to your life. And for a nanosecond, my eyes glazed over as I took a quick self-assessment: I believe in God too but do I believe God? And if and when I have doubts, does this mean I doubt Him?

Our conversation started light with mom-to-mom chatter but quickly turned into a pointed discussion about fear.

“So what’s stopping you from doing this?” I asked out of sincerity. She wants to start a business, a venture she’s passionate about, but something is holding her back. It’s been holding her back for about 13 years. “Fear … I guess,” she chuckles and then proceeds to tell me more.

Now I realize that it may be hard to believe but what I know for sure is that anything in front of you, anything you’re pursuing will not be as hard as what you’ve already been through. Take my friend for instance; she’s been through it all. She has survived storms in her life, and she is still standing. Yet, she’s stuck on something that pales in comparison to what she’s already endured.

I wanted her to see what God sees in her. I wanted her to see that she’s already operating in a space of divine success. I needed her to know that she was so close to making her dreams come true and that now was not the time to drown in shallow waters.

Consider this for today: doubting is not synonymous with disobedience when you continue to put your faith in action. You can doubt and do nothing or you can doubt and make haste putting trust in our Father who wants nothing but the best for you.

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