Meet Cece Harbor…

Hi, I’m Cece; welcome to my site. I’m a sweet-tea drinking, shrimp and grits eating, storytelling, writing, book-loving, Southern woman who believes in God, equity, parity, and social justice.

I consider myself a lifelong learner because I am curious about the world and the people around me. While my southern and Gullah roots have helped shaped me, they don’t entirely define me. I’m still … becoming.

I love to read books from various genres, so you’ll find some of the ones I love mentioned here on this site. Feel free to connect with me on GoodReads as well.

Cece's Picture

I’m also a writer. I write to bring forth stories and ideas about people and from people who wouldn’t otherwise be seen or heard. We are led to believe that there are two types of artists in this world, those who create what they see and those who create possibilities. I don’t think we have to choose. There is no this or that; you can be both. I choose to be both.

And finally, I’m also a recovering perfectionist, workaholic, self-doubter, and co-dependent. Whew! There I said it. I had to get radical about my recovery because those things held me back for so long. With each stroke of my keyboard or swipe of my pen, I’m learning how to walk away from perfectionism and other debilitating acts of war on myself.

Thank you for being here.